I would walk a thousand miles

17 Apr

If she could go back to high school, would she still give him a chance?

She turned down a nice guy who asked her out. Although she knows deep down that she really liked him too, but she turned him down for no good reason at all. She told him she was not yet ready, and she still have to finish college. But now that she’s done with college, she felt like she was robbed off her teenage years. Like she became too much of a playing safe gal.

She wrote him a blog when she was a senior high school. She entitled it “Confessions”. Yea, that’s how romantically pathetic she sounds. Ugh. She hate this so called feelings of regret.

Maybe things are meant to be this way. There are a few guys trying to win her over. Perhaps she should just look closer to them and see if things will work out. But there’s this one guy, a nice guy, not her type though, whom she like talking to.

She won’t say no more and over-analyze these things. She’ll be happy as she can with whatever choices she have made.

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