Exposed to the world

22 Apr

That awkward moment when someone you personally know found out about your blog site.

This is just so…awkward for me. I am not so sure if he’s going to read this, but if you are doing that right now, I expect you to be true to your promise. Well, I made some posts about you and that’s just going to be a lot more awkward if you’re going to read it. And knowing that you actually discover this site makes me want to hide myself because this is just so personal for me. This is my outlet. My confidante. My best friend. My partner. The other side of me. It’s as if you hopped into my world and live on it. Being exposed like this feels so vulnerable. Like my words would be against me.

I am not so sure if I look like a person who keeps a diary but if that’s the impression I have for other people, then so be it. Read it. Read it and well, you’ll know my thoughts. You’ll know how pathetically do I sound. You may understand some of my point. You may disagree with me on it. But this is my world. My only world where I know my thoughts would be safe and sound. The anonymity I have in here gives me so much freedom. Freedom to say whatever I like to say. Freedom to think without others judging me for it. Freedom to vent out all my frustrations in life. And although there are no real answers here, just knowing that my thoughts and emotions are out, is a great feeling. Being exposed to the world feels so damn good. And I don’t want you stealing that away from me.

But I trust you okay? I trust you won’t read this. And well, thanks for that anyways.

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