You’re contagious

24 Apr

Fuck you. And your own little world.

You’re not my brother. Brothers are supposed to protect their little sisters. You’re the jerkest, meanest, laziest, number one asshole person I’ve ever met in my entire life. It’s because of you, that somehow my views on guys became distorted. It’s because of you, that I don’t trust any guys I’ve known. It’s because of your influence on me when I was still growing up.

Fuck you. Because that’s how your life is.

There is no single time when I remember that you stood up for me, or for us in that matter. There’s no time you ever became that “big brother” every girl would wish for. No, because you have your own issues. And you let your issues eat you alive. You’ve wasted your time, probably your whole life being a pain-in-the-ass. I know you’ve got personal issues. But come on, your self-esteem issues are petty compared to those who would wish they have a life like yours. Be thankful that our parents never get tired of you. And oh please, be ashamed for your behavior. You’ve been like this as far as I could not even remember how you became such one. I grew up believing that you’re just another human being in the house. That I am so not related to you. And that, I am proud to say, you are not really my brother.

Yes not-my-brother. Who are you anyways? I won’t waste my time waiting for you to change because change begins with yourself. It’s your personal choice. And not everyone will understand you for your behavior. It would have been more understandable if you have mental illness. But no, you have psychological disorder. And that sucks, you sucked.

So fuck you again. You need to attend an anger management or self-esteem seminar. You need to fix yourself because time will come when you’ll realize that no one would bother to help you, ’cause you never really help anyone in your entire life.

Aren’t you disgusted about your life?

Hmp. Your resentment towards the world is contagious. This is the reason I am saying all of these things. Your reasons are petty. You are so shallow. And yea, I don’t want to see you, ever again.

So fuck off. Just pretend that you don’t exist in my life and I don’t exist yours. It’s better this way. My life is better without you in the picture.

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