Give me a reason

30 Apr

I’m not broken…just bent.

And bored as well. 

Reading my post last Friday, I realized I was way too harsh to say “fuck/fucking” a lot of times. I know I should be thankful that even though I was having a very bad morning, still I am able to go out and have fun for 4 days and 3 nights.

What happened in between was very wonderful indeed. I enjoyed every single moment I am with my friends. Although there were awkward moments because I know what most of them were thinking when my guy friend and I watched a movie together, I did not let this thought ruin my mood for the whole trip. It was a blast. It was far by the most amazing summer I had. I got to know these people more, and I realized how great they really are. Our skin may be tanned and we may have sunburns, but it only shows that we had so much fun doing the craziest things in an isolated island. There may be a lot of glitches in our plans, but we did not let it ruin the fun of just enjoying what we have and over looking all the imperfections in our trip.

I won’t enumerate everything because I am not good at writing these things. You know, I only write about myself, and all my selfishness (ehem) but I swear I’ll try to write more about my adventures and write less on my frustrations in life.

So this is my reason. I may be bent, but it can be fixed right?

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