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Things that wouldn’t hurt if some people read about it. ‘Cause I know how nosy some people are. Not to mention if they knew about this site. Creepy.

What a bum!

Pay back’s a bitch daw. Look who’s talking. Well, it’s been two days since the NO CLASS day for us Bedans. But guess what? 2 days and no swimming!

Well, honestly I hadn’t swim for four years since I developed this kind of trauma in water… it’s a very long story. For short, I’ve seen someone drowned and died…and…I don’t wanna think about it. 😦

Sad but true. Anyways, I was thankful for these 2 days that God gave to me. (I should always thank God for another day of my life, it’s a miracle!) Two days of doing nothing, being a bummer, eating, sleeping, fighting with my siblings, watching TV, etc.

Two days that I’ll never get back. Now I feel like I am excited about school (Note: I shouldn’t feel that) and seeing my friends (this is the only good thing about school).

Guess what? Mum’s shouting my name at the other room, telling me to go in there and share a room with them so we can save a lot of electricity…whaaaatttt???

Btw, I should obey my parents, right? But what if my parents are manipulative? Tsk tsk. I shouldn’t think like this.

Rule Number One: Be patient and kind…like Love.

Wow…I really want to go to a place so serene.

And beach! I really want to go to beach. 😦

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Tedious month of March…is over!

Tedious month of March.

Alas! Hell is over!

To tell you the truth, I haven’t thought of writing another story or posting a new blog here. Why? I’ve no idea. Last time I checked, March is the busiest month for me.

Wanna see how full my schedule was?

The best thing that’s ever happened to me last Wednesday was when we watched Sucker Punch @ Gateway Cinema. It’s cool, it’s fun, and it’s confusing. Hahaha 🙂 But the best part of last Wed’s extravaganza was when all of us sang in Time Zone karaoke. Too bad I don’t have pics for it.

PS: Help me fill in my April planner!

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Ab-sense of time.

Can you imagine how proud I am of myself? I can give myself a pat, actually. Well, I am done writing another blog about marketing. Crazy niche isn’t it? Yayyyy. I never liked the idea of writing blogs about it, but sometimes I found it pleasurable.

I can’t even put another note on my planner because it was already full. My schedule is full of submission of works, quizzes, exams, etc. And our finals are next week! Great, freakin’ great. I haven’t reviewed on anything.

The good thing about this hectic life of mine is that after all of those sfjkfdhkdhfd (complicated whatever). It’s SUMMER TIME! Whewwww.

Though before summer time it’s the showing of Sucker Punch, and I was wondering if I could watch that with my best friend. It’s the first time we’re going to have a date! Yeeee :> I miss Pierre.

Btw, I should post this blog of mine before it’s too late and before I’ll sleep.  I still needed to read more than 20 pages about Share Based Payment and I hadn’t read anything, yet!

I sympathized myself.

Can I take a break for a minute? Too bad LouiSensei will call me tomorrow to read my freakin’ blog! Awww, that’s what you get for eating in Fior.

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Last night we went out @ Manor along Eastwood. We had a blast! There’s so many people out there partying hard and well, they look funny actually. I had a few cocktail drinks and mind you, it taste like juice. Specially the Scwheep soda I ordered, it’s a soda water and it tastes…bad.

I didn’t get drunk of course, I never did. I only go with them for a little chat and bond because I miss my friends so much. I miss times like this, when we danced together – but hey! Fe told me I didn’t dance. Haha how could I if there were so many people dancing? There’s actually no space, at all.

Before that Manor thingy, we attend our General Assembly for accounting students and it’s my first time again to sing in front of the crowd. I was so nervous I actually felt bad about my performance given that I didn’t give my best shot. Anyway, that’s okay. At least I did actually sing which I miss doing the most. And at least I sang the Demi Lovato song in Camp Rock: Final Jam! It’s Different Summers. Yipeeee 🙂

I love singing!

And errr. I’m not good at dancing and partying.

I suck. I guess no one’s perfect, right?

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Totally Zip!

I was reprimand based on the carelessness of my actions. I was eating Cadburry Zip inside the classroom during law, and then that’s the end of the world for me – I was being chastised for 1 minute!

I feel like I was punched on the gut and my face flushed out of embarrassment. I didn’t even bear to look at my professor’s face. It’s sooo embarrassing. It shouldn’t be like that. As my classmate told me, “Dapat nagtago ka. Ikaw kasi eh hindi ka namimigay.”

So maybe partly it was my fault, I know that. And I also know that they were eating too, not once but many times. This is my first time, sad isn’t it? I was caught on deer lights and I wasn’t expecting that. I thought it was allowed to eat since that’s what I do in most of my subjects. But then, who am I kidding? An attorney’s in front of me and he should know the rules…unfortunately, he follow the rules.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the Zip world for me.

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