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What pisses me off?




Frustrations in life.

It’s SOOOO shdhkjshdjkhfjds.

Someday, I’m gonna laugh at this. I needed to be more patient…

Yea righttttt

“Can we meet this week?”

“No I can’t.”


“I just can’t.”

“Tell me why?”

“I should stay indoor.”

“Why not go out?”

“It’s holy week.”

“What does it had to do with it?”

“I simply can’t go out. I’m a house girl right now.”

“Oh, then…maybe a week after that?”

“I can’t.”

“Why not this time?”

“I have classes.”

“Oh…well then, maybe we could go out if you’re free.”


People are numb…or dumb.

Now I know what’s the deal with The Man Who Can’t Be Moved song. I can sense it. Oh damn, what did I do this time?

It pisses me off. But not literally, I just found this thing an absurd one.

And I realized how rude I really am.

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Drifting back to sleep.

I am an insomniac, most of the night I found myself pondering over things which I think less when I was exposed to the world. I found myself thinking, “What’s the next thing I must blog about?” Because there’s nothing in the world that’s more fun to do than blogging. I feel like I am sharing some part of my life to those of you who don’t even know me, probably not even met me.

During those sleepless nights, I wonder what will happen in the future. There’s always uncertainty isn’t it? Sometimes, I imagine what would I be like ten years from now. Would I become a successful woman I once dreamed to be? Or a woman who doesn’t achieve her dreams?

Dreams…yea, it’s part of growing up. When we were younger, our mind was full of dreams we ought to do once we grow up. We thought of being a person we want to be in the future. Until now…I doubt if this is what I really want to be. A singer, perhaps? Or a journalist? That’s ridiculous. I am never good at writing things…Well, a CPA would be good enough. People will admire me for it.

Well, back to those sleepless nights…

Most of the time, I just couldn’t sleep thinking about nothing – just staring into horizon. It amaze me how some of my principles in life change from day to day. It was like I am being more mature. It is true that the more experience you had, the more you learned. The more you exposed yourself outside the real world, the more sleepless nights you’ll ponder on it all over again. Isn’t it a bit ironic?

I wonder how would it be if I didn’t wake up from my own slumber.

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